Petcore Europe is a Brussels-based, not for profit organization, representing the entire PET value chain since 1993.

Our membership consists of more than 165 companies (corporations) including brand owners, recyclers, technology providers, PET producers, converters, labels, and cap suppliers, masterbatch suppliers, waste management companies and retailers and also includes 9 associations.

Our vision is to achieve widespread recognition of the performance of PET as a circular material of choice for packaging and to make sure PET is collected and recycled.

Petcore Europe’s priority is to focus on circularity and to communicate PET as circular and environmentally sound material through innovation evaluation, design for recycling guidelines and direct engagement with the entire PET value chain and the decision makers. Ensuring, thus, that all stakeholders have a broad understanding of the market needs for consumer safety, environmental impact, sustainable resourcing and processing, alongside a fully circular business model. Petcore Europe is recognized as a PET pioneer that produced the first guidelines for PET bottle recycling and has conducted annual surveys on PET recycling since 1997. We represent the PET industry before the European institutions and other stakeholders and support and validate innovative packaging solutions from a recycling perspective. At Petcore we work with all interested parties to ensure a continuous increase in PET post-consumer collection and recycling, so join forces today to improve the circularity of PET.


If you are not a Petcore Member yet, but would be interested to learn more about how to become, please send a request to the following recipients:


Andrea Balmes 


Eduard Zagan 


Maria Trofimova 



And also please check out the general information on our website

Our mission


to ensure that the entire PET industry is well aligned to enhance its value and sustainable growth,


to represent the PET industry before the European institutions and other stakeholders,


to ensure that PET is positioned as an outstanding packaging material and recognised as environmentally sound,


to support and validate innovative packaging solutions from a recycling perspective,


to work with all interested parties to ensure a continuous increase of PET post-consumer collection and recycling.

At Petcore Europe we have been conducting a PET Communications Campaign for already three years and reached some significant results! 

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