Petcore Europe Annual Conference 2024

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Call for Papers for the 'Innovation Session'

Save the date already today to meet up with experts and PET industry leaders at our Annual Conference 2024.Our Annual Conference 2024 will be held in Brussels, as an in-person event, and will carry on with the success of the 2023 Conference that had an interactive format, based on the dialogue between panelists, PET industry experts and the audience.

In addition to reporting on the achievements of our various working groups, the Annual Conference 2024 will explore the core challenges which the PET value chain has been facing over the past years: market dynamics, Improvement of analytical methods, micro-plastics: update on newly developed analytical methods, recent and future regulatory EU issues and many other insightful topics. We will be welcoming high-level speakers from the European Commission and the European Parliament, who will explain their expectations and goals for the PET value chain in line with the developments of the P&PWR.

The first day will feature high-level interventions from the institutions and business community touching on a wide range of issues. While on the second day of the event, there will be 10 Technical Interventions from all Petcore Europe Working Groups. They will feature a presentation by the WG Chair followed by an extensive Q&A session with experts from the PET industry & the audience, where participants will have the chance to pose questions and share their views in real time.

Petcore Europe issues a call for papers in order to give a floor to its members to present the latest developments in innovations. Please feel free to forward your proposal to



The participants include PET resin manufacturers, packaging designers and manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, label producers, brand owners, EPR schemes, waste management organizations, recyclers, recycling machines manufacturers, representatives from the European institutions and European organizations interested in PET.